Leadership development work isn’t just a job but a calling. We don’t just talk about authentic dialogue, empowerment, collaboration and leadership, we are committed to living it. We are passionate about our work which is evidenced by our results.

Half of our coaches and facilitators come from outside Asia with global business experience. Our global, diverse background is valued by those organizations seeking a greater global perspective and by those who want to harness their diversity and create agile and productive teams.

In all our engagements we take into consideration the current and envisioned cultures of our clients. We partner with you in all stages of a cultural transformation initiative from realizing and communicating your vision, bringing all the relevant stakeholders to the conversation, to brand alignment and execution in order to help you form a culture that works in support of your organization’s purpose. As Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” every time.

Transforming Organizations

It is our intention to support you to move beyond change and leave your organization transformed. We help you think and behave in new ways that previsously didn’t seem possible. Our holistic and integrative approach leaves your organization with improved communication skills, aligned behaviors, more inclusive ways of thinking, deeper relationships and increased emotional intelligence.

Clearifying Vision & Direction

In today’s fast-paced business environment, teams no longer have the luxury of time. They need to be able to rapidly form, build trust, clarify purpose, determine roles, and execute. A shared vision that everyone believes in is key to this. We help you to rapidly form and execute effectively without being pulled in different directions. Our dynamic programs integrate dialogue, facilitation and coaching to help your leaders become aware of, crystalize, and share the vision and direction that want/need to emerge in the organization.

Enabling Innovation & Creativity

Innovation is at its essence to be different, to challenge the norms. Norms cannot be challenged by being normal. Companies with the aspiration to be innovative and creative must strive to create a culture that embraces different thinking and diversity. It takes courage to open our minds to different thinking and to diversity, to the idea that we may be wrong and that we may fail. It pushes us out of our comfort zones. That’s where the magic happens. Global Leadership Partners Asia help leaders create a workspace where people feel safe and have the courage to voice their opinions, and where voices are valued as the means to innovate and co-create.


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