Global Leadership Partners Asia’s purpose is to build collaborative life-sustaining leadership practices, internally and externally to the organization. Our uniqueness starts internally. We are committed to living the practices we teach in a open and supportive learning environment. This commitment is expressed through an intense customer-focused organization which enables us to offer highly innovative programs that can be put into practice quickly.

Corporate Information

Company Name

Global Leadership Partners Asia, Ltd. (#0200-03-007593)

Head Office Location

7F Toranomon 40MT Bldg.
5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 105-0001


  1. Coaching Consulting
  2. Leadership Coaching and Training
  3. Executive Coaching
  4. Any other business in conjunction with or incidental to any of the aforementioned businesses.


J Michael Shell, President

For further information

Phone: 03-4530-9776
Fax: 03-4530-9800
Email: info@glpa-group.com